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EST. | 307 BC


Philosophising the enjoyment derived from food and drink


Searching, analysing

The Root Cause

Going to the source (Utogi, birthplace of Wasabi)

Having been taught from an early age to appreciate and respect whatever was prepared, there is really nothing epicurean about me.  The simplest and humblest forms of food are often the best.


Then an incident happened when I was a gangly teen. I was invited to attend a Japanese food fair - at an all-girls' school.  What greeted me was a dizzying array of brightly coloured victuals on display.  It all looked so cute. The first thing I saw was a dainty green ball that looked like a sweet treat. I popped it into my mouth.  This was immediately followed toxic burning sensation.  However, being surrounded by girls, I did what any teenager would have done - bear the pain and calmly chew and swallow the whole thing.  You guessed it...WASABI!


I lost all sense of taste and feeling in my mouth for two weeks.  After this harrowing experience, I decided to spend the rest of my life learning about and appreciating wasabi and other international cuisines, lest I make that same mistake again!

Now drink up and get back to work!

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